An electric motorcycle designed to move you with emotion.

Our mission

Current Electric Motorcycles are ugly, we don't want to be seen on any of them so we decided to build our own

They may be fun, fast and clean, but have no soul. No character, no class. We had to do something about that urgently.
Meet Silus. Silent as the night. Savor the ride.


City range


Higway range


Top Speed


For an 80% recharge

Customizable riding modes

– Spirit mode
For the conscientious
maximal range and smooth acceleration

– Silus mode
The equilibrium

– Beast mode
For the brave

Each fully customizable to improve your personal experience

Lifepowr Connect

Bike stays connected within the Lifepower connect network. Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis high level overviews.

Regenerative braking

Use the engine as a brake and get the most out of your electric drive-train. . Let energy flow back into your batteries while decelerating and extend your range!

LIFEPOWR battery technology

Designed from the bottom up using only the best materials, resulting in top-class performance and highest size/capacity ratio.

Swappable batteries

for instant range-boost. No garage, no problem.

Scalable capacity

Choose your own battery configuration.